What a Teacher!

My place is the same since you were here in April.  No new things added; a bit of new clothing, but nothing else. My cleaner has a much easier time getting around to clean what needs to be cleaned. 

I wanted to tell you about a trip I took last week. The friend I stayed with has this wonderful house and also a bit of a hoarding problem.  We had talked and talked about what a fantastic job you did and I said to her, hey while I'm out let's tackle your place!  And so we did, although not as much as we wanted.

I said to her:  "Put on your throw it away mind."  And she did.  So we just started with stuff (and more stuff) on the floor.  And "lo and behold" what a hoot.  Bags and bags for donating to this local group for the homeless.  Bags and bags and more bags and bags of garbage. But you would have been sooooo proud. I did what you did; made piles and said throw or keep with the emphasis on throw.  And throw (or donate) it was.  She was excited. 

What a teacher you are!

- Judi G., Washington DC