Take a shower

questions to help you create your perfect bathroom

The questions below are to help you get into a headspace where you are thinking about how you use your bathroom. Once you know how you use your bathroom you can tailor your design to optimize for that functionality. One example of what you are expecting from your bathroom is for it help you function your best on Monday morning. 

 Asking yourself these questions and answering them honestly will help you discover what you really enjoy about your bathroom and focus on what will make it function event better for you. When you're feeling confident about all that is already working great, it's easy to turn a critical eye on the other aspects of your bathroom. For example, you might throw out that Axe body wash replace it with another bar of the hand soap that you like using. Even if you don't change much, you'll have a new level of appreciation for your bathroom after this exercise. 


Is there something you could bump into before you put on your glasses or when you're just waking up?  Can you see what you need to  while shaving?  Does looking in the mirror make you feel good about yourself? Can you see if you missed a spot? Can you see if you have something your teeth? Can you see while taking a shower?  



Do you have a clean shower curtain? Do you have a trash bin? Do you have a toilet brush? Do you have a plunger?  Do you have an extra roll of toilet paper within arm reach? Do you have more toilet paper in the apartment?  If you do not have LED fixtures, do you have extra bulbs in the right size? How do you replace what has been used up? 



Do you have a favorite? If so, what do you like about it? What sizes do you like to use? Do you have a good place to put one of each? Can you easily access the one you need from the shower? Do you like hooks or racks? What do you do with your wet towel?  How often do you wash them?  



Do you know everything you use every day? What do you use to take care of your teeth, your skin? What do you use to care for your hair? What do you use to shave? What do you use to style your hair? Do you wear contacts and have what you need for your eye care?  Do you know which cosmetics you use all the time? Do you enjoy the items you use every day? How do you replace what has worn out or been used up? How often do you use other items in your bathroom? 


Do you have objects in the bathroom that make you feel good ? This could be a photograph, a souvenir from a trip, a candle, a plant, a container for your razor that is the only glass left from a set of 4 that you've had forever-- anything that reminds you who you are. Do you have a favorite color that you want to bring into your bathroom? How much or how little art you have  is up to you. It’s your bathroom so it should be the amount that feels right to you.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton


 Now that you have a clear picture of what you are looking for from your bathroom, take a look around to find any items that don't fit. Take these items out of the bathroom. It doesn't matter where you put them just see what the bathroom feels like when you make it closer to the picture in your head. Now look at the room and make a list of what you need to do in order to complete the picture.  Is it worth the time and effort to do these things? Set a goal for each item you said yes to. You're now ready to use the bathroom checklist. 

What about the stuff you put outside the bathroom? Consider getting rid of it altogether. You could donate it, give it away, sell it, or throw it out. You pay lot per square foot. Each square foot has one job to do: to help you feel good about your life in it.   If you want to keep an item, consider relocating it to a spot better suited for its function such as a need-a-ladder high shelf, a low drawer,  or a well labeled storage box in a closet.

Need an example? You could put a ready-to-go ziploc bag of travel sized toiletries in you suitcase and throw out the rest. You'll  have one less thing to remember to pack on your next trip and you'll get new ones from the hotel at your destination.