One Size Fits One: 4 Ways to Turn a Place to Sleep into a home

After 2 years in a one bedroom near Washington Square Park, the living room has a couple of bookcases and some art on the walls. The renter wants the apartment comfortable enough to invite over a few friends, to feel more relaxed at home, and have a nice place to read. "Now I have a place to sleep. I want to have a place I can enjoy more while I'm awake."

We identified 4 goals for the new layout. 

1. A place to read outside the bedroom

2. A casual place for two - four people to eat

3. Easy access to the closet

4. Move the desk and desk chair into the living room

To make this happen involves buying a sofa, coffee table, and floor cushions. Additional purchases (living room rug and plant) would make the apartment more comfortable but are not essential to add this functionality to the space. 


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