We Saved Tons of Time and Stress

We worked with New York at Home to prepare for our first child. Baby items had piled up in corners, we felt like we had no space, and the tasks ahead of us seemed totally overwhelming. Once we decided to ask for help, we not only saved tons of time but felt relieved from the stress these undone tasks was causing.

We rearranged our living room to provide a clear line of site and make it easier for us to maneuver around while tending to a baby. We converted our office nook into a nursing and changing area so our future baby room will be comfortable for visiting grandparents during those first few months when the baby will be in our bedroom. We didn't have was a co-sleeper, but another mom whose child had grown out of one gave it to us because Diane made the introduction. We hadn’t thought about these things before because we’ve been so focused on the pregnancy!

Tasks that we'd been meaning to take on over the past year—including cleaning out our file cabinets and editing our library—happened without much fuss because we clearly saw how this fit into the big picture. We donated or relocated items that we rarely access to the basement so only items we use often are in our living spaces.

Diane curated shopping lists of things we needed including links, which made trips to these stores (online and off) easy. She assembled furniture, hung the nursery artwork we'd picked out from a local coffee shop, hung curtains, fixed a broken outlet cover, and even did some tree pruning and landscaping in our backyard.

New York at Home helped us regroup, prioritize and execute all the tasks to get our house ready for our daughter.  We’re amazed that all of this took less than 10 hours of our time since she could do most of the work on her own. We can’t recommend her enough!

- Leone K.

All around a pleasure

Diane spent an incredibly busy day at my house! I had a list of items that required an experienced person to do the physical hanging, but also a good eye for where those items would best be placed. As the day went on, I found more things that had been accumulating since we had moved in two years earlier. Diane also made suggestions about how to rearrange some of my furniture that I'd been struggling with, and she later recommended a coffee table for my living room while she was vacationing upstate. All around a pleasure to work with!

Kara M.

Jersey City

Diane saved my life!

Honestly, I was overwhelmed by my downsize in apartment space, and had no idea where to start. Diane saved my life! 

She is proactive and personable; suggesting new layouts and items to order to maximize storage and space.  Her creative approach made organization sessions fun and effective. She is incredibly professional, and brings great perspective to spatial challenges. I really enjoyed our time together, and will be hiring her as an ongoing consultant. She is amazing, and I am confident anyone who works with her will be extremely pleased with her work. 

Alissa W.

Lower East Side

Lovely, reliable and highly recommended

I hired Diane to help me hang some pictures and in the end, she helped me find the best places in my apartment, organize some furniture to create a better hanging space, fix a bunch of lightbulbs, and generally do everything that needed done in my apartment at the time! She was lovely with me and my kids, who got involved at various times, and thought nothing of going to get a longer extension cord or her other drill to make sure the job was done correctly. She is lovely, reliable and I highly recommend!

Stefanie M.

Union Square

Acclimatize Quickly to Cramped NYC with New York at Home

Diane has a great knack for looking at a space and coming up with the optimal and aesthetically appealing configuration. She is also great at researching things on Internet and suggesting the right things once she has an idea what the customer has in mind. Moreover, she really listens to what your are saying. For people new to cramped NYC spaces, trying to acclimatize quickly, Diane's service and handy advice can prove invaluable. She is always on time and keeps you in the loop. I would call her again without hesitation.

Apurva P.

New York, NY



Small Adjustments to What I Already Have

I'm a Brooklyn based artist and recently worked with Diane at New York at Home. She put together a new layout and plan for how to make the most of my studio. My workspace felt cramped and disorganized after a recent move and her advice transformed my space in simple and practical ways. I loved working with Diane -- her ideas and energy are spot on and she is wise without being preach-y, with the right amount of proactive encouragement. Her smart recommendations are enabling me to accomplish so much more by making small adjustments what I already have. It was not only helpful but also very enjoyable. Diane has a great overall philosophy-- relevant to organization and beyond. I recommend her enthusiastically to anyone who is looking to get the most out of their space home or work space. 
-- Ryan
Brooklyn, NY

Spending More Time Doing What I Love After Making Small Changes

Thank you, New York at Home, for helping me set up my home to make the most of my time with my family and friends. After a fun conversation about how we use our home, I noticed small and easy changes that have made it easier to spend time at home doing what I love. By moving games from our living area to our dining area since we always play at that table, we're more likely to play a game after dinner. By putting breakfast items in a cabinet accessible to my daughter, she now makes her own breakfast each morning. We were also able to get rid of items that we had kept out of habit, but that no longer contributed to a comfortable space.

Kelle E.

NewYorkatHome.com made an incredible impact in a short amount of time!

I spent a November afternoon with Diane improving my apartment in a way that would never have been possible without her help. It was so much fun making huge changes to my apartment in a few hours, reusing what I already own.

We had an in-depth conversation to give her a better understanding of how I live as a whole and then discussed what I want from my living space. We figured out how to make my apartment work in ways I didn’t expect it could and made most of the changes together on the spot.

Diane followed up the next day with drawings and links to a few items, making it easy to continue making improvements.