I Literally Do Not Remember What My Apartment was Like Before

Helping make beautiful spaces happen has been a big part of my job the past few years. Sometimes we are rubbish at doing for ourselves the things we are the best at doing for others.

I recently got my dream job. Part of what makes it a dream is that I get to work from home until I realized that everytime this happens in my one-bedroom apartment, I find myself WFC (working from couch).  

Could New York at Home be the solution to my problem? I’ve known Diane for a few years so we met up for coffee. I mentioned needing help creating my home office so that I could do my best work there.  

We scheduled a brainstorming session and she sent me a proposed layout plus well-curated furniture a few days later. And they all looked like “me”.  She had pegged down my style better than I ever could have.  The craziest thing happened.  I ORDERED A BUNCH OF FURNITURE.  Something about this process made me finally trust that I really do know what I like because my style is so clear to someone else.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. I’m working from home at a desk that I love.  Day in and day out.  And I literally do not remember what my apartment was like before this whole experience. 

Diane managed to give me the space, tools and inspiration to create a space in which I can do my best work, move to the couch to relax and even though it’s all in the same room, I feel different in each micro-space.  She gave me language to describe my style and how I feel about my space.  

There are few things as lovely as having your home reflect you, the most authentic you there is.  And it was this process and Diane’s guidance that gave me that.

- Molly S., Upper West Side